Socialize to Make Your Ex Want You Back

Distract yourself and get out of the house to relieve stress.
Make yourself be seen by your ex. Have fun and chill out with family and friends. Seeing you footloose and fancy free will make your ex fear that you might be lost forever, unless your ex takes immediate action to lure you back.
But be careful not to whine about your problems to others, feeling sorry for yourself. This might get back to your ex and will make you very unattractive. As a result, it will be more difficult for you to get your back for good.
Instead, show your ex that you are strong and confident. Act as if you can still live a meaningful life without your ex, even if you feel insecure and unsure.
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Most everybody has had experiences breaking up with a loved one.

If you're in the middle of one, you know that it can be a very painful and devastating period in your life.