Make Your Ex Want You Back by Managing Stress

A breakup is a major stressor, even more so in a divorce. If you’re all wound up, you won’t be in a position to focus on getting your ex back. Either you accept the breakup or do something to get your ex to love you again.
But before you can begin to take steps to get your soul mate back, you will need to manage the other stressors that are currently present in your life. You will need to lighten the load in your life so you can concentrate on getting your ex back sooner rather than later.
First and foremost, don’t keep all your negative feelings bottled up inside you. For example, if a certain somebody always puts you down, avoid that individual, or communicate your feelings to that person in a tactful way. Be willing to compromise to preserve the friendship.
If a conversation turns to an issue that makes you uncomfortable, change the subject. If watching the news on TV depresses you, turn it off!
And then there are stressors that you can’t change and will need to accept. One of them is when you’re stuck in traffic. In this instance, you can relax and listen to your CDs, the radio or motivational tapes.
Another thing you can’t change is the way other people behave. If a person is giving you a hard time, it usually has nothing to do with you. It’s just that maybe he or she had a fight with a significant other or with the children, or has financial worries and the like. If you are able to give that person some slack and not react negatively, then you will feel better yourself.
It all boils down to this: Managing stressors in your life will depend on how you react to them. Most important of all is that you keep your sense of humor and stay positive. You will need all the energy you can muster to take steps necessary to make your ex want you back, and start anew.
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